SSIS Converting wildcard characters file pattern to regex

Sometimes we need to use wildcard characters in ours SSIS solutions to define a search pattern. The SSIS has total support to wildcard, and you can keep using it to find files in a local file system, but how can we use it in a C# script for an FTP directory? The best way that I have found was using regex.

//Converting FilePattern to regex language
Regex mask = new Regex(‘^’ + Dts.Variables[“FilePattern“].Value.ToString().Replace(“.”, “[.]“).Replace(“*”, “.*”).Replace(“?”, “.”) + ‘$’, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);

The FilePattern is my variable with the file name pattern.


  • FileParttern [wildcard characters]: FinancialsData*.xlsx
  • FileParttner [Regex]: ^FinancialsData.*[.]xlsx$

You can use the regex tester ( to check your pattern.


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